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If not you, then who?

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

When I walked into my first volunteer training at HOPE Pregnancy Center and the enemy filled my mind with lies.

Here I was, a girl from the inner city who got pregnant at 16 with two abortions in my past. I looked around the room feeling inept and ill-equipped. In tears, I asked my Pastor what business I had ministering to other women. I’ll never forget that he said, “Lovette, if not you, then who?”

That was in 2009. I never could have imagined in 2021 that God would use my story to change the hearts of countless women to choose life, heal from past abortions, and find abundant life through Jesus Christ.

If God could use my brokenness for His glory, how can He use yours?

We are in critical need of volunteers. This year has brought an increase of abortion-minded women reaching out for support. With fewer volunteers to connect with women, it has put a strain on our staff and ultimately, our clients.

Our Killeen location experienced twice the number of abortion-minded women than our other centers, yet continues to have the greatest need for volunteers.

We are praying for servants of every walk of life—men, women, people from every ethnic and cultural background—to come alongside women and men in this journey. Brother and Sisters in Christ with a heart for life can come alongside us to minister to clients facing unplanned pregnancies, provide administrative support, medical support, and keeping our baby product inventory organized. Those interested can attend the virtual event and see what we are about, and how they can utilize their spiritual gifts to help create a culture of life in our community. Volunteers receive ample training, resources, and support. Above all, we hold fast to the belief that God equips the called.

Please prayerfully consider how you can support HOPE with your time and talents. “If not you, then who?”

Interested in serving at HOPE PC? Check out our volunteer page.

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