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Fill a (Virtual) Bottle!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Baby Bottle Boomerang?

When you fill baby bottles with cash, checks, or coins, you are helping to provide free life-affirming services, such as pregnancy testing, limited ultrasounds, parenting education, counseling, maternity, and baby supplies. Our annual Baby Bottle Boomerang Fundraiser also allows us to provide hope and healing to women who have experienced a past abortion or have never heard the Gospel!


How Does it Work?

Baby bottles are distributed to churches, schools, businesses, groups, and individuals from Mother's Day to Father's Day.  Bottles can be filled with change, cash, and even checks! Promote it from the pulpit, bible study groups, women’s groups, youth ministry, and your church bulletin. Now, individuals can fill our virtual bottle to bless this ministry!


I'm in. How do I get involved?

There are three ways:


1. Fill our virtual bottle by making an online gift. 

2. Ask your Church leadership to announce Baby Bottle Boomerang from the pulpit. 

3. Request bottles for your congregation, business, school or small group. Bottles are prepared for pick up or delivery. 

What Impact Can One Bottle Make?

Every little bit counts. A bottle full of pennies can provide lifesaving literature or testimonial videos to abortion-minded or abortion-vulnerable women. In 2023, 126 babies were rescued from abortion thanks to prayer, ultrasounds, and resource materials for clients.

A gift of $20 in silver coins provides pregnancy tests for 14 women in search of help and hope.

A gift of $60 provides an ultrasound that allows a mom to see her baby for the first time and hear his or her heartbeat.

Our prayer is that your congregation or organization will become informed about the sanctity of life and feel they are making an impact on the lives of the people we serve thanks to their generosity. HOPE Pregnancy Centers are deeply blessed by the support of the local churches. Your help with this campaign makes an enormous impact!

When will we know our total for our church?

We will tally the donations for each congregation and send a report of the final amount to the point of contact. 

Our collected bottles are ready. Now what?

Once you have collected the bottles you anticipate receiving, there are a few ways you can ensure it gets to us to tally up. 

  1. You can request a pick up by emailing

  2. You can drop it off at your nearest center location (we recommend calling ahead so they can expect you.) 

  3. You can drop it off straight to our Administrative Office in Killeen Monday through Thursday from 9-4. 

baby bottle request
Baby Bottle Request
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