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Temple Expansion Responds to Growing Needs

100% Funded!

As new laws usher in more women looking for options, we realized one consulting room was not an efficient way to quickly meet their needs before they found detrimental pregnancy options elsewhere. But God knew this and He already put on the heart of one man who had a dream.


We’ve realized the best way to show love to these families God has room for in His Kingdom is to have more rooms to welcome them in to. This allows us to see more clients on a daily basis and increases our chances of being able to see women in crisis right away.

Prior to expansion, only one room was designated to consult clients, and some clients even went to available office spaces as needed. Now with three designated consulting rooms, we will be able to love on 2-3 clients simultaneously.

Months ago, our friend and contractor Ray Mattix laid out a vision to build more consulting rooms in the Temple Center. What began as a dream to transform our existing patio space into additional consulting rooms is finally a reality! 

As a Hope partner who resides in the Temple/Belton area, we wanted you to know of this amazing blessing and to be aware of the need for us to cover this $30,000 expense by the end of the year.  While the Lord has blessed us tremendously, the last couple of months of each year are very lean financially for us.  It would be so encouraging to have this major expense covered so we can begin 2024 with a healthy bank account and with new dreams and goals.

This unique opportunity specific to our Temple/Belton area compels us to share this project that can save more lives right here at your doorstep.

If you are able and the Lord leads you to donate toward this much needed room expansion, your gift will be used toward welcoming more women and men in the Temple/Belton area to experiencing life and life abundant. 

Special Thanks to Ray Mattix, J-Mart AC Services, Sanderford Electric, Popelka Painting, Best Way Carpet and Flooring, and others have greatly reduced labor and material (saving us an estimated $18,000 in labor and contract costs).

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