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If you were a woman reeling with the news of an unplanned pregnancy, an online search could take you to some dark places in a fraction of a second. The search term, “should I get an abortion” generates 63,000,000 Google results in .43 seconds. On top of the onslaught of information, an abortion industry worth hundreds of millions of dollars has everything to gain by deceiving you. Scared, alone with the glow of your phone, you frantically sift through confusing and paradoxical words like, “discreet”, “safe” abortion access, “self-managed” termination, woman’s “health” and abortion “care.”

But no wordplay, Tech Giant, or abortion industry in all its scope is a close match to our God, the Author of Life!

He uses YOU, a HOPE supporter, to create a presence of truth and hope online. A woman is able to connect with a client consultant and hear the truth in love about her unborn child, and the Good News of Abundant Life. She’s able to see her baby and hear its heartbeat with an ultrasound, and she isn’t asked for a penny. She’s given decision tools, information about relationships and sexual integrity, and life-affirming pregnancy options. She has referrals to a community that loves her, ready to help her in whatever she’s facing.

She walks out of our doors with words poured over her like: “loved”, “worthy”, “courage”, “forgiven”, “baby”, “God’s love for you”, and “hope”.

You light her path with truth in a way that’s hard to grasp, and we are so appreciative of you!

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