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The Arrows in Our Quiver

In the final words of the Great Commission, Jesus promises that He is with us always. I am especially fond of the Amplified translation, which expands the meaning to, "perpetually—regardless of circumstance, and on every occasion." That promise is a salve to my heart this year. Knowing that He equips us for the mission strengthens my resolve, holding me fast to the task at hand despite the earthly distractions satan attempts to throw our way.

And still, satan throws them. He throws them at women, telling her she is alone and unworthy of love. He seeks to steal, kill, and destroy relationships, unborn children, and future generations. He throws political, financial, and public health uncertainty our way.

Even as we watch our ministry financials slowly descend, we remember God's faithfulness and provision through His people. In God's charge, we do not shrink back and refrain. We do not look to the right or the left. We faithfully press on to the work to which we have all been called knowing the Mighty One is with us.

The Lord has arrows in His quiver, and it's you, and it's me. It's the hope of the Gospel to those who believe, and abundant LIFE to those who abide in Him. We will continue to stay on mission to share life with moms, dads, and their babies when it's most critical.

Together, in God's righteous hand, we will not fail.

Karen Wistrand, Executive Director

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