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Resilient Roots

This season has been about enjoying the harvest of seeds God helped you plant, and continuing to sow into the lives of women and men grappling with an unplanned pregnancy.

Nicole's story embodies the resilience of seedlings taking root, even when our awareness of their growth was uncertain. In the midst of being separated and estranged from her husband, Nicole found herself in a year-long relationship with another man. The complexities of navigating her relationships, coupled with the fear of being judged for what some might consider an affair, left her overwhelmed. Although she had always dreamt of becoming a mother, she never envisioned it happening in such circumstances. 

After Nicole’s ultrasound, our follow up calls and messages were left unanswered. With continued prayers, we reassured her that, regardless of her decision, we were here to provide support, including abortion recovery. A surprising turn of events unfolded when we learned that Nicole and her boyfriend made the trek to Albuquerque, New Mexico, for an abortion. But sitting in the abortion clinic, they couldn’t shake their unease. A couple hours later, they got back in their car and headed home!

This pivotal moment led them to request a second ultrasound, providing us with the opportunity to forge a meaningful relationship with them and offer support as they embarked on their unexpected co-parenting journey. 

We express our heartfelt gratitude for your steadfast commitment as a tiller in the lives of those whose soil appears parched and in need of nourishment. In this journey, as we sow the seeds, the Lord brings the water, and we remain devoted to providing support where it is needed most. 

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