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Leaving with Hope

For the unprepared, pregnancy news can send a jolt that turns into a rash decision. A married couple we’ll call Josh and

Emily, never thought they would see another pregnancy test again. Emily had been on birth control for some time. Josh just got a promotion to manager at the retailer where he worked, but the paychecks only covered the bare basics. Emily’s mom was staying with them to help with the two children because the cost of daycare was too high for their limited income.

Both Josh and Emily didn’t believe in abortion, but they didn’t see a pathway for having a third child.

A compassionate HOPE client consultant asked if they believed they were good parents to their two born children. They said their children were happy, loved, and well-fed. Their kids also had the support of a loving grandmother and many friends.

When they discovered the support they could receive from HOPE, along with referrals to a network of nonprofits in the community, somehow their news felt less bleak. With gifts like diapers, wipes, baby formula, maternity clothes, and other baby items, the burden lessened. Connecting with a client consultant and registering for parenting classes left them feeling less isolated.

They walked in to HOPE wanting information on a chemical or surgical abortion and were left wondering if their two girls would have a new baby brother or baby sister.

Even loving parents like Josh and Emily can be tempted to make a poor decision based on fear and discouragement. If they found their way to an abortion clinic, it’s likely they would have left emptier than when they arrived. But your financial gifts allow us to instill hope and lend perspective to an otherwise narrow view of the client’s circumstance.

God uses you to facilitate these divine appointments, and He’s using you to restore families in more ways than you can know!

On behalf of that new baby brother or baby sister, thank you!

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