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Infinite Worth

God has provided us a powerful resource to help women when she is looking at pregnancy options online!

We recently launched a partnership with Infinite Worth, an organization with volunteer, pro-life nurses available to provide care, referrals, and accurate information about abortion to our clients via text. This after-hours support system helps us when women are most active online: during nights and weekends.

This addition has already been a tremendous resource for clients like Allee. Allee went on our website late one night and clicked on a chat widget to privately communicate with a nurse advocate.

Through text the nurse deescalated Allee’s frantic fears and shared valuable information that she would never find with an abortion clinic chatbot. The nurse also chose from an extensive video library with testimonies from women and men who have faced similar obstacles.

In Allee’s case, she viewed a video via text from a woman who also had a one-time sexual encounter with the father of the baby, and feared telling him the news of the pregnancy. Hearing someone on the other side of her situation gave her such relief.

After two hours of discussion with the nurse, Allee made and kept her appointment at the Copperas Cove center so she could be met with hands-on support with a client consultant.

Your gifts allow us to invest more in our website and video testimonies and foster a relationship the way she feels most comfortable. We have been entrusted with meeting a woman during her most vulnerable time, and we are grateful to you that she’s met with truth and compassion!

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