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A Haven from the Dark

Imagine a young woman wandering down your street on a bleak rainy night. She has no jacket and no umbrella. You open your front door, call out to her and invite her in where it’s warm, safe, and dry. Piercing through the dark are headlights blazing toward her, screeching behind her attempting to run her off the road. Realizing that the stakes are high, you shout out or even run out to her to make sure she is protected.

When a woman has just found out she’s pregnant and searching for abortion information online, abortion retailers count that she won’t see them coming and no one is looking out for her. We talk about Google a lot because it is her darkened street, and we have the ability to call out and invite her to a safe place where she can receive the support she and her baby deserve. 

A senior in high school, Selene came with her mom to HOPE. They were searching for abortion options online and thought they would come to the local center and see if we offered any funding for abortions across state lines. They didn’t leave with what they thought they needed, but we were able to offer life-affirming resources and support.  On her same-day ultrasound, Selene realized she was a mom and her mom embraced being a grandmother. The two have fallen in love with Selene’s baby girl, who we got to meet while mama dropped of donations for future expectant moms!

From a wandering girl in the dark, to welcoming other women to safety. That’s the kind of redemption story no abortion retailer can tell. God in His goodness has led you to this ministry, and your obedience invites women to find a haven in storm.


“You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” – Psalm 16:11

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