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Illuminating LIFE

Colette came to HOPE with the heaviest of hearts. Time was of the essence to make the biggest decision of her life and the life of her unborn child. Her parents were in stark disagreement on what to do. While her mother pleaded with her not to go through with the abortion, saying that it was a sin, her father insisted a baby would ruin their lives. He would even pay for the abortion in secret. 

After a compassionate HOPE volunteer shared the Gospel, Colette felt convicted in her heart about dark strongholds in her mind. A nurse was able to provide an ultrasound right away. Seeing her baby for the first time on the screen was like opening a window in a darkened room. At 17 weeks, Colette was overcome with joy and surprise to see her baby kicking her arms and legs, very much alive. Though Colette says HOPE saved her baby’s life, we know it’s the work of the One who is the Light of the World through His people.

Know that you’re illuminating the value of unborn children through the ministry of HOPE PC. Thank you for being bearers of Light for women like Colette in our communities!

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