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God was at work in 2020

2020 is already being called, "the lost year" by many accounts. As Christians, we know cling to, hope in, and rely on God's word when He reminds us that He will finish the good work He started through completion (Philippians 1:6). No global crisis or unrest is a match for the Lord! Through God's people, HOPE Pregnancy Centers were able to provide the following life-affirming services:

131 Received Christ

101 Moms changed mind from abortion to LIFE

351 Clients vulnerable to abortion changed mind to LIFE

128 Post-Abortion Support

1,746 Pregnancy Tests

1,126 Ultrasounds

356 Parenting Class Attendance

4,431 Client appointments

2,724 Hannah’s Closet Assistance

497 Known Military Involvement

Praise God for His goodness and enduring faithfulness to all His children!

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