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God's Faithfulness in the Pandemic

know I can't be the only one who feels like March was a lifetime ago!

And yet—your ongoing generosity reveals God's enduring faithfulness in all seasons—even in a pandemic! Not only has the Lord taken care of us, He has used your gifts to show His power at work in the lives of hundreds of families!

By the grace of God, COVID did not prevent us from sharing hope with moms facing unplanned pregnancies. With health measures in place, we have been able to receive clients and provide life-affirming services to moms who had nowhere else to turn.

By the generosity of God’s people, YOU have blessed us with the funds to meet the needs of women and their unborn children. We have not had to worry how we will keep the lights on or make payroll each month, allowing us to focus more wholeheartedly on this ministry!

Since March, your donations provided life-affirming services to 815 clients. We welcomed 1,593 client visits and were privileged to perform 458 ultrasounds.

When the need was greatest, you helped supply clients with nearly 18,000 diapers and 8 car seats to brand new parents. You offered post abortive care to 90 women—all during the COVID season.

Know that the team at HOPE is praying for you. May we rely on God’s faithfulness, His power, and His goodness in all seasons.


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