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A Path for Cynthia

Recently, someone on the HOPE team was approached at a restaurant after leaving her nametag on. The woman, who we’ll call Cynthia, was compelled to tell the staff member what a lasting impression HOPE made on her family.

Over ten years ago, Cynthia found herself sitting in a consulting room with an unplanned pregnancy. She remembers feeling unsure of what to do. Now Cynthia’s daughter is 13 years old, and she can’t imagine a path without her.

Cynthia didn’t lend the specifics of her pregnancy situation, only that she was forever grateful for the kindness that was extended to her. It’s not hard to imagine the different obstacles that would bring someone to a pregnancy resource center. It is difficult to imagine, however, what would become of children whose parents did not have a place like HOPE.

Aside from the HOPE centers, what if there was no hope at all for a woman like Cynthia? What if she was never told that she was loved and created, just like her unborn daughter?

Without the hope of Christ, our centers meet only materialistic provisions. But we abide in God’s truth as the Giver of life, and eternal life for all how follow Him.

God used His people to change the course of Cynthia and her daughter’s life over 13 years ago. Whose path is God using you to change right now?

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