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A Million Threads

Since the writing of this post, 462 HOPE babies have been born since the beginning of 2022. So far 113 moms who were considering abortion left our centers choosing life. When we consider those 113 life-impacting decisions and the hundreds of babies born after receiving life-affirming care at HOPE, we picture babies snuggled in blankets and mothers holding their little ones close. The mental image of ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes fills us with wonderment.

How much more precious, still, is it to ponder these babies grown up? Those tiny hands and feet become the hands and feet of doctors, teachers, pastors, and even people who work at pregnancy centers. Babies grow into adults that continue the lineage of parents and grandparents and so forth.

Take one of our center directors who met an old client who was working at her dentist’s office. Filled with gratitude, this mother swiftly left the office and drove home to bring back her preteen daughter to meet the woman she said was responsible for saving her child’s life.

What she couldn’t know (and what God indeed knows) is how the Lord uses people like you and me to sow life into these families, each life bringing immeasurable beauty into the world. He weaves His truth into the hearts of women facing unplanned pregnancy, with you as their thread. Year after year, strand after strand we are fastened in the tapestry of a single, precious lifespan. He knit us together in our mother’s womb; how magnificent that we can be a fiber in the colorful tapestry of each life!

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