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A Flowering Future

One of the most fulfilling aspects of being on staff at HOPE is getting to meet everyday people whose lives were impacted five, ten, even twenty years ago by those who supported this ministry. A meaningful conversation was struck at the HEB floral department from a woman whose daughter sought haven at HOPE. She and her teenage daughter were staying in a tiny apartment, adjusting to the “new normal” after a painful divorce. When she discovered her daughter was pregnant, it felt like the floor fell from beneath their newly-fractured family. At that moment, she felt like her daughter’s life was doomed. Then a beaming expression—years in the making— came over her face,

“Now, I’m a grandma! My daughter is such a wonderful mother, and my grandkids are becoming amazing adults.” Life and possibility blossomed, after all.

The impact you make on families will only be realized on the other side of Heaven, but the occasional story gives us a glimpse of God’s Kingdom and His redemptive power on earth. Not only do we serve a God who delights in redeeming the bleakest of circumstances, we serve a God who uses ordinary people like you and me to be a part of the transformation. That’s a God I’ll serve any day of the week! The next time you’re at the check-out line, admiring a new mom and her baby, or a proud grandma, perhaps you played a role in their lives. As we wonder about every story, God knows each and every one.

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