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You help her be brave

Sarah had never felt more like a coward than when she stared at her pregnancy test. She had despised each of her previous abortions, vowing each one would be her last. Fear had numbed her heart, and she couldn’t remember the last time she was able to pick up a friend’s infant or even look at a cooing baby at the grocery checkout line. She didn’t deserve to live; how could God allow her to be a mother?

Her lifestyle and past abortions had been hidden from her very conservative family. Fear had such a hold on her, that even after her ultrasound at HOPE, she made an appointment at an abortion clinic. But she couldn’t shake the conversation with her client consultant about God’s love for her and her children. She didn’t see how it was possible for someone to believe God loved her, despite all she had done and was planning on doing.

Perhaps their conversation birthed bravery, because she did not keep her abortion appointment. Sarah let us know that she chose life and is having a baby boy, who will undoubtedly bring her heart more joy than she can fathom now.

When God entrusts us with even the tender realities of someone’s most vulnerable secrets to show the power of His love, it gives life. We trust that God isn’t finished with Sarah’s heart. When she’s ready post-abortive healing, we will be here. Thanks to supporters like you, we can be.

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