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2022 Ministry Report

Where is the HOPE?

We find ourselves in a unique storm in history. Absolute truth, civil discussion, and tolerance have been replaced with moral ambiguity, rampage, and cancel culture.

And while we have a strong foundation that is anchored in Truth to withstand the harsh waves, so many young people are being tossed about with mental afflictions, addictions, and the painful consequences of sin. The things they are told to attain to “have it all” creates a darkness that leaves hopelessness in its wake.

The culture that tells impressionable women and men that reckless sexuality, fluidity, or pleasure is the key never satisfies their innate longing for intimacy. Time and time again the same formula is applied, leaving them with a greater impetus for anxiety, confusion, and hopelessness. All the while their heart longs for peace and assurance. Where is the hope?

So many hurting, anxious and confused young people come to our centers. The symptoms are many, but the sickness is the same. Most clients fail to realize that the problem is deeper than getting pregnant at the wrong time. They are anxious that an unexpected pregnancy will upheave their plans, anger their parents, and sully their reputations. Many have mixed emotions about parenting in a chaotic world, for which they themselves still feel a child. A sense of a world in depravity and a shaky economy are a couple of reasons abortion seems like a quick solution.

Getting to the root of the problem is the heart of our mission at HOPE. When she is faced with a crisis that puts her values on the table, she’s more willing and more open to hearing about a compassionate, purposeful Creator. Purpose in life has greater meaning to her now and speaking that Truth silences the distracting voices and temptations.

Jesus told us that He came to bring us life, abundant life. That is what we are wanting to offer our fearful clients. If we show her hope is waiting for her, then abortion is no longer the compassionate choice it once seemed. When True Love will never reject her, she is less likely to reject her baby as well.

Our desire is that she experiences:

  • The Love she longs for

  • Practical support to care for her family

  • Wise counsel in life and parenting

  • The miracle of her son or daughter through an ultrasound

  • Ample resources by caring Christian fellowships that will come alongside her to help her thrive

Where is that hope? Hope is a Person. His name is Jesus: “And His name will be the hope of the world,” Matthew 12:21.


While the number of surgical abortions in Texas will decline after the reversal of Roe v Wade, the anxiety and number of babies to care for will be on a steep rise. Those babies need parents who are better equipped to make life-giving, informed decisions for their families' futures. HOPE Pregnancy Centers desires to be the first stop for young moms and dads who find themselves in these difficult circumstances. If they can find HOPE, maybe we can give them hope for life, abundant life.

  • To meet this growing need, we must also grow. The Lord has blessed us with a larger facility in Killeen. The new Killeen center will be open the first week of January 2023! Praise the Lord!

  • We desire to also expand in Temple where we have been attempting to get a permit for three additional consulting rooms. Please pray that the paperwork is approved and we can finally begin construction on that important expansion project.

  • Copperas Cove is in dire need of some “home improvements” such as a new HOPE sign, new railing to the ultrasound building, and a ramp for the front porch of the main building. This will enable us to offer a safe environment for our clients and staff.

  • The request for Abortion Recovery support is also growing. The spike in online chemical abortions (to which Texans have unfettered access) means more women are contacting us sooner after their abortions than ever before. In some ways, the experience is more traumatic and isolating in the confines of her home. We know that God has given us a robust Abortion Recovery Ministry, and we want to steward it well. We are praying that God will provide a larger, more private space to meet this massive need. We are continuing to pray for the funds to purchase the former abortion clinic (located next door to the administrative offices) for this purpose.

This holiday season affirms that Jesus is the Hope for a weary world. May we be His vessels in the lives of each woman or man who comes through our doors. May their children be loved, protected, and cared for because we gave as generously as He gives to us.

We are incredibly humbled and grateful for your partnership in this ministry. To make a year-end gift that will help carry out His vision for the new year, make a one-time or monthly gift here.

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